Integrating over 15 years

of experience and excellent customer service, it is my goal to provide my clients with the most caring and effective training tools and techniques, as well as customized strategies to suit their dog's behavioral needs.

      Dave Bernier

  1. obedience

  2. manners

  3. games & tricks

  4. problem & nuisance

  5.   behaviors      

  6. aggression

  7. (evaluated on a case

  8.   by case basis)

  9. behavioral consultation



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DAVID BERNIER owner, trainer, behaviorist

Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties


David Bernier has been an incredible trainer for my two dogs in such a short time... David has so much knowledge on how dogs behave and offers options to overcome unwanted behaviors, or to encourage good behaviors. He has a positive, but yet effective style that appeals to me, and I am amazed that these tools/techniques

he uses can make such a difference in my dogs... not only do my dogs listen and do the command that is taught, but they seem better all around.  Thank you Dave!!!!

April Hugh